Sunday, October 31, 2010

Camparvan tour around New Zealand - first impressions

Our campervan, the Cheapa Campa Hitop, or 'piggy' as we call it..
Before the lights are off..

Posting from the morning after our first night in the camparvan.

- our camper is a custom toyota hiace, from 2007 - a really beautiful car.

- the dude at the rentals was a great salesman: he talked us into taking the full insurance, although we planned initially to take no insurance at all. His main argument: there is no compulsory insurance in NZ, about 30% of drivers are driving uninsured, if I get into an accident with them, I pay, even if it wasn't my fault.

- it seems that the majority of tourists take campers in Auckland and drive South to Christchurch - just as we did. We could have gotten a MUCH better deal if chose the same route in the opposite direction... Heaps of vans need to be taken back up North.

- the country is beautiful, and everything is super camper-friendly. Many campsites with top class facilities, great signposting, good rest areas with toilets and showers, local attractions inviting motorists in on the roadside everywhere.

NZ certainly lives up to its great reputation so far, and the campervan life is fantastic... Going to be a nice 4 weeks :)

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  1. Nice van. The name is cool too Cheapa is close enough to cheap to sound affordable. So how is the route exactly, because i see you north of Auckland on Latitude?

  2. This camper is just great, we love it! The picture of me posing as a fruit tree is not so great, not sure how it has appeared there... :)

    The NZ route was not really defined. We've crossed the north island and we're currently in the southern one heading towards Abel Tasman national park. Should be fun!