Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family afternoon at the Black Rock

Exploring the shallow waters for the first time :)

Hoping to get still in front of a powerful and always busy ocean

As all the tropical places Rarotonga has a steadily changing climate. However, since the island's interior is covered by thickly forested mountains the clouds tend to move rather slowly from one place to another resulting in one part of the island being sunny and another under the clouds. 

The other day, running on our scooters in search for sun, we've found ourselves at the Black Rock (Turou). As LP says, traditionally locals believed this place to be where the spirits of the dead commenced their voyage to Avaiki (the afterworld). I guess the story doesn't play any part in locals' lives anymore since we've found the Rock covered with kids jumping into the water. It's also one of the best places to snorkel around Rarotonga, so we've stayed to enjoy the sunny afternoon.


  1. Tomorrow I will try to buy a DART ticket to Torou.

  2. I'm jelous... And then again...

    By the way, if you have more time for your blog, it could be very nice to have screenshots or links to the maps of where you are at the moment and where you've been and etc... And it's also good for the memoirs later on ;)

  3. Sorry... I've been to hurry with my last comment. Now I see the maps ;)

    But that could be a good idea to track the place on the map in more obvious way maybe... But not necessarily :)

  4. Hey Skirmantas!
    Welcome to the blog, and thanks for the suggestions. There is a Google Latitude widget on the bottom of the page, showing always our current location, also, every post is geo located, you can see the location under the post, a click gives you the map. Regarding a map for where we have been so far, I was thinking about occasionally updating our itinerary on MyMaps, and posting it again and again. Any cooler ideas? :)

  5. Peti, DART is not that powerful, I am afraid ... I guess you could get to Black Rock, but not next to it. We would have liked to have you there with us though :)

  6. Karolis, you should visit us in Dublin more often and play computer games a bit less :) Then you would get a chance to take a DART - a magical train, which brings you anywhere you like!