Friday, October 1, 2010


Welcome! You have found Austeja's, Gyula's and Elvinas' new travel blog, which we have started to cover our soon upcoming round the world trip!

In a nutshell:

  • 3 months off from Google (and school), starting 10th of October
  • Main destinations are some Pacific Islands, NZ, OZ, Vietnam, Singapore
  • Main activities being driving campervans, swimming with fish, reading in hammocks tied between palm trees, doing loads of spontaneous stuff, thinking of cool ideas, homeschooling E, taking tons of pics, yoga
  • What about android? Well, we'll just try and write this blog from our Nexus One phones (not bringing laptop), post pictures taken with them as well. Also, we'll see how android, and the apps in the market can contribute to a great trip, and the activities listed above.

With this, let's kick it off! Hope you'll enjoy reading, following us! Please leave your comments on the posts, if you have recommendations for things to see or do, for cool apps, etc, let us know. On this blog, we'll also try to cover areas like preparations, practicalities (like budgeting), and also post-trip stuff, as a reference for those considering similar endeavors.

Every great trip starts with a great backpack.

A few notes about the blog:

  • Austeja and myself will try and post here regularly, but in some parts of our trip, this might prove tough due to lack of connectivity. We will write separate posts, you'll always see who wrote them at the end of the post.
  • We'll not post pics or write much about Elvinas, as per his own wish, which we respect.
  • As the disclaimer on the bottom says: the views expressed on this blog are ours, and don't necessarily reflect those of our employer.

Good bye Sandymount! At least for now..


  1. Good Luck!
    What backpacks are these? Can you zip-open them fully?

  2. Yay enjoy every minute of it, I'll be following you all the way for sure!

  3. Yo Peti, they are Lowe Alpine - a 70l and a 60l. They have 2 compartments, you can zip the bigger one fully open. I specially like that both have a rain sack and an airplane cover for the straps built-in. Soon to be tested :)

    Francois! Welcome to the blog! I'll be counting on your tips for Australia and Vietnam! :)