Monday, November 15, 2010

Campervan cuisine

vitamin salad

fried potatoes and chicken sausage

10+ days now living in the campervan, we are through a good few meals. Austeja is usually the mastermind and main chef, while I sort of try to copilot. We have done pancakes, chicken curry, various soups, etc..

We like to eat well, and New Zealand is a great place for doing just that, even in your camper, on a two-burner gas stove. Vegetables and fruits taste great, grown locally, and are well affordable.

On the pictures are the lunch and dinner from today (day 33 of the trip):
- vitamin salad with oranges, raisins, carrots and cashew nuts,
- fried potatoes and chicken sausage, with cucumber-tomato salad in sour cream + onion dressing with some pinot noir. (Sort of eclectic, but it was good!)

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  1. Looks just as good as the Google food! :)

  2. Is the one on the top for rabbits? :)

  3. Zoli, I could make a special version of the vitamin salad for you with added bacon and a bit less carrots :) Not sure if you would like the taste though... :)

  4. I would give a try, but I guess I would pick the bacon first :)))