Sunday, November 21, 2010

Greetings from the Wharariki beach! (Day 36)

Thanks to our Tongan friend Susan we drove additional 100 km or so to the north from the picturesque Abel Tasman National Park of the South Island to check out the Wharariki beach, which was said to be a very special place. When we arrived, the weather didn't greet as well... the cloudy day turned into a stormy one and going for a family afternoon stroll was out of question. Therefore we've set off to the mystical place one after each other to experience the sand storm in absolute solitude - there was literally no one else on that beach, except maybe the seals. When Gyula came back from his pioneering experience, he was covered with wet sand from his head to his toes...

Gyula, risking the life of his Android (sand and water flying around is not captured well here)
It was well worth it staying around for an extra night hoping to see the rewarding landscape of this magical spot in the sun light. Thank you very much, Susan, we had a great time!

The big photographer (no risk to the camera this time)

The little caveman

A view from just one of many amazing caves

Silent check on a sleeping seal (down in between the rocks)

Yesterday's storm left amazing sand formations

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