Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's not just a Burger! (Day 46)

Following the series of our muffin culinary discoveries, here is a little shift to something bigger and more meaty. I do not think I've seen a bigger Burger in my life. And, apparently, one has to be really careful not to injure his jaw!  It was, most likely, the best Burger I've ever eaten as well! What else can you expect from the company, which employees are wearing T-shirts claiming that Ferg loves you and showing the man with a 3 finger combination :) 

Letter from a doctor

Gyula turned out to be all right, but very full :)


  1. Looooove the letter of confirmation from the doctor :))))
    And the burger looks amazing! Though I can clearly see how some jaws might get dislocated...

  2. Aaaaah, how I love Fergburger ... we were there 3 out of 4 days spent in Queenstown. I recommend you to join the fergburger appreciation society on fb, too! :)

  3. Good idea! Will look it up - thanks :)

  4. Haha.. vistik sugebejau pamirsti tavo gimtadieni. Su.