Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tethering away...

Here in New Zealand, we got ourselves a local SIM from vodafone - one that said "free internet for a month" on the packet.

In the store:
Gyula: "does it come with unlimited data for a month?"
Clerk: "of course, unlimited facebook and twitter, plus 50mb for everything else..."
Gyula: "Grrr.. That will certainly not do it for us.. I easily use that data up on a rainy day, not a month.. How do I get more?"
Clerk: "you can buy an extra 100mb for 10 dollars or 500 mb for 30 dollars."
Gyula: "hit me with the 500mb than."

Anyhow, we now have this 'free', and 'unlimited' internet for the month, which we happily share between our Androids using tethering.

sent from my android.


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  1. Tethering is indeed very useful, just like a network traffic counter.