Saturday, December 25, 2010

Brick factory (Day 69)

Brick ovens for "cooking" bricks

"Rice skin", as locals call it, is used for firing the oven since there is not enough wood / it's expensive. 

This brick factory, which we've visited during our Mekong delta tour, was quite an impressive sight. All the bricks are made by hand (ok, they use a smart machine to create the shape, but all the handling and selecting is done by hand), then they are placed to dry on the sun for 3 days, afterwards they go to an oven for 27 days - 20 days of burning and 7 days of cooling. One oven can hold 100 000 bricks. 1 brick costs 600 dong, which means that 1 USD can buy you 33 bricks. Do the maths yourself!

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